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Spannende Zeiten


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Remarkably really interesting

Guardian: Americans know intuitively that their healthcare is expensive, frustrating and often unfair. Remarkably, even amid the pandemic, roughly 30 million Americans went without health insurance, exposing them to potentially ruinous medical debt. “It’s also really interesting how often the messaging … Weiterlesen

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Let’s go together

Shall I go off and away to bright Andromeda? Shall I sail my wooden ships to the sea? Or stay in a cage of those in Amerika?? Or shall I be on the knee? Wave goodbye to Amerika Say hello … Weiterlesen

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Green Transformation

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Strelitzer Straße 55

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Altenburger Allee 19

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We flew out of SFO on 9/15/2001, the first day it was reopened. It was a Saturday. Wolfie bounced around London in his backpack. There were candlelight vigils, statements of solidarity in London and Hamburg. After some discussion the white-haired … Weiterlesen

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Everyday People

„America and the world commemorate you and your loved ones. The pieces of your soul.“ The pieces of my soul point Joe Biden to the Cambridge Dictionary: Is Biden perhaps no longer accustomed to addressing the living? The guy looks … Weiterlesen

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Sitness® X

Guardian: So far, so good: woman who doesn’t believe there’s evidence for effectiveness of vaccination gets a court order to force use of animal worm medication on hospitalized husband. Cool. It can’t get any better. And yet, and yet, there’s … Weiterlesen

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